Denim is the Dress Code

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 "Denim is the Dress Code" 

Denim is a staple piece in your wardrobe that you will always have no matter what. But there's nothing like spicing up your wardrobe with denim pieces that are different than your typical jeans you may put on. Now you can find different items like Jumpsuits as seen in the pics above or dresses, rompers, and of course button down denim tops. What I like about this piece from our Collection is that it's one-piece so I won't have to worry about what other items I need to pair with it besides some cute shoes and accessories!! Not to mention the back of the piece gives it that extra "oooohhh ahhhhh look at me" when you look at the back of and your giving a sexy chic look with the cut out sides and bow in the back. There's so many denim looks out right now that are all great and we feel this is a piece you will love and keep in your closet for years to come just like your favorite pair of Denim Jeans. Can't wait to receive your "Haute" photos of you ladies wearing this piece and what you paired with it, at your next Day Party or Rooftop Event!. Don't forget to "@" us at @haute.mood!!


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